Broken 45's Post Production Crowdfunding Project

The journey to get to the post-production phase of this new CD has been a 5-year process partly thanks to COVID
Finally, we are mixed and ready to master BROKEN 45s!
We have 15 new original tracks that we can't wait to put out into the world, and
we really need your help!
What is the money for??
Recording a new project is expensive, and what has to happen afterward is even more costly

We are musicians and not artists in that sense! 
We have a fabulous artist who has agreed to paint the cover
1,000+ CDs including shipping
There are only a few agencies that specialize in this genre and it's not cheap!
T-shirts and stickers help the band stay on the road
We won't be putting our mugs on any mugs, don't worry! 

Thank you so very much for your consideration in donating!

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